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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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countless questions and very few answers as they mourn, a manhunt continues 40 miles away. police are searching for eric frein, a survivalist and military re-enactor who has it out for police. >> i am convinced frein is engaged in a personal battle with law enforcement, particularly the pennsylvania state police. and will likely stay focused on that fight. >> reporter: the search has people in blooming grove, pennsylvania, on edge. schools there were closed for the second straight day as the gunman remained on the loose. back in scranton, friends remembered bryon dickson as impeccab impeccable, as a father, a marine, and as a state trooper. >> bryon, thank you for all that you've done, and thank you for all that you will do by way of your ever-lasti ining impact inh of our lives. godspeed, hammer. we love you. and we miss you. >> reporter: pennsylvania state police commissioner told the congregation one man with one rifle committed a heinous crime.
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he said hundreds more are working to make sure that gunman is brought to justice. nbc news, new york. stick with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the ambush investigation as the search for the suspected shooter. right now on "nbc 10 news at 5," philadelphia police are searching for a violent criminal. a man armed with a knife stabbed a woman in her chest critically injuring her. >> that violent attack happened inside the victim's south philadelphia office. the suspect then quickly got away. nbc 10's lu ann cahn has been on the story since it broke. you've been in constant contact with police. >> reporter: right, and police are still looking for the suspect. they say he came into this office this morning on the 2300 block of broad street looking for work and then he attacked. >> she's in critical condition. she's been cut all own. >> reporter: tony is a relative mep says caroline basso franklin
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helped people get temporary jobs. police say she was working alone in her broad street office. >> i saw a woman come out of here about 9:00 this morning, holding a towel to her neck. blood dripping from her basically walked along this path, right over to the hospital. >> reporter: detectives say she was stabbed three times in the chest. police recovered the weapon, a kitchen knife. franklin's landlord helped her get across the street to methodist hospital. >> i think she was sort of, like, didn't realize what was happening at the time. >> reporter: you think she was in shock? >> definitely. >> reporter: police believe the attacker came in this morning demanding work. today, franklin informed him there was nothing available but tried to get him to fill out a form. he became irate and attacked. >> at the time he exited, he was heavily coated with her blood. >> reporter: police thought he might have jumped on the septa subway train, but a search of the train at broad and gerard held no clues. some in the neighborhood say they've been concerned that ex-cons are often in the office filling out applications. but the landlord says he's stunned. >> over the past four years,
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there's been absolutely nothing that i've never even heard an argument upstairs. >> reporter: franklin has been a victim before. >> she got robbed another time going to the bank. >> reporter: police say this time, the suspect took her purse. 53-year-old franklin remains in critical condition at thomas jefferson university hospital. live in south philadelphia, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. police continue to question witnesses to a center city beating that left two men in the hospital. the victims are a gay couple and the group of suspected attackers are friends from the bucks county area. police say the group dined at a local restaurant before the altercation. it happened one week ago at 16th and chancellor streets. last night, and into this morning, sources tell nbc 10 that police questioned a half dozen people. one man, a coach at archbishop wood, resigned according to school officials, because his alleged role. nbc 10 has been speaking with defense attorneys representing the people in the surveillance
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video. they say it's too soon to talk about charges in the case because no one is really sure what happened. >> no one went out that evening looking for an altercation, no one went out looking to hurt or bash or assault anybody. these are individuals who sadly met at the wrong time and something clearly inappropriate and possibly criminal occurred, but let's wait and see what it is before we start saying who's guilty and who's not. >> a philadelphia city councilman is also calling on the feds to investigate this beating as a possible hate crime. we are currently tracking developments from scotland where the polls have just closed. >> it's been an historic day as voters will decide whether to become an independent country. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah is live in the digital operations center with more on this. renee? sfwla >> that's right, jacqueline and keith. the fate of the united kingdom now rests in the hands of scottish voters. here is what appeared on their
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ballot. one simple question. should scotland be an independent country? it's a debate that's divided scots for two years of campaigning. if voters decide yes, it would trigger 18 months of negotiations between scottish leaders and london-based politicians. on how the two countries would separate their institution. now, that would need to happen before scotland's planned independence day on march 24th, 2016. scotland has been a part of the uk for some 307 years. >> i think it would probably make things worse, you know, and i think the country's running okay as is. >> i voted yes for independence. >> well, residents as young as 16 can cost a bloallot in scotland. teens may be the deciding vote. because of the time difference, they're five hours ahead of us, results are expected to come in in the early hours of tomorrow. we should know a decision by some time early tomorrow afternoon. reporting live from the digital operations center, renee
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chenault-fattah. a delaware county hospital could soon be facing a strike. hundreds of nurses at crozier chester medical center are threatening to walk off the job sunday. today union leaders prepared its members for a two-day strike. it will start sunday and end on tuesday. it said it would bring in outside contractors after plans for the strike were announced. nurses say they're understaffed and working in unsafe conditions. and insist patients aren't getting proper care. >> they're waiting way too long to get the things they need. their families need attention. we need to educate them. we need to send them home knowing how to take care of whatever it is that brought them in and it's not happening. it affects every nurse countrywide. >> the hospital says it will bring in licensed, experienced, and well-trained nurses to staff the hospital. a federal mediator is involved and it's likely they will meet again before sunday. from our south jersey bureau, a rabid bat is found in camden county. health officials say a bat
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removed from a home in windslowe township tested positive for the disease. a man found his dog playing with the live bat last week. he trapped it, called animal control, and it was sent off to be tested. now, there are a few simple rules to keep you and your pets safe from rabies. keep vaccinations up to date for all dogs, cats and ferrets. keep your pets away from wild animals. call your local animal control agency to remove stray animals from your neighborhood. they may be unvaccinated and could carry rabies. she's famous all around the world. >> and today, mo'ne davis was extraordinary on the "steve harvey show." she talked about how excited she was to hear she was going to be a guest. >> kind of always wanted to meet you, and when i got to find out that i was meeting you, i was really excited. i was actually with all my teammates, and i told everyone, just, like, that's not fair! i was like, sorry, but i was really excited.
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>> household name overnight practically. mo'ne was also surprised with something she's always wanted. a visit to los angeles. steve harvey announced he was flying her as well as her family to universal studios hollywood. along with studio tours and a hotel stay. >> remember, you can watch steve harvey every weekday on nbc 10 at 2:00 p.m. then stick around for ellen at 3:00 and nbc 10 news starting at 4:00. virus concerns are growing. another child in our area tests positive for the introvirus. the school that was attended plus the symptoms that should have parents on alert. off-field pressure growing against the nfl, this after domestic violence charges are leveled against the fourth player who's now been banned from playing. and 911 arrests. the reason a pennsylvania man was thrown in jail after making emergency calls for help.
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yet another nfl player has been arrested on domestic violence charges leaving many wondering what the commissioner plans to do about it. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has the latest. >> reporter: jonathan dwyer is out of jail. >> charges were going to be filed? >> no. >> reporter: and off the field for now. do you hope to play football
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again? >> i will. >> reporter: the cardinals running back is the latest nfl player to be charged with domestic violence. police say he left the mother of his young child with fractured bones after multiple altercations in july. >> after she was physically assaulted, he had took a shoe and threw it at their 18-month-old child. >> reporter: dwyer denied the allegations but the cardinals immediately pulled him from the roster and banned him from all team activities joining ray rice, adrian peterson, and greg hardy. all players now on the sidelines after accusations of abuse. >> i think from a league standpoint, we need to address it. >> reporter: but it's been more than a week now since nfl commissioner roger goodell has been seen or heard publicly. >> goodell has made himself the face of the nfl, and he's now invisible. you know, that's part of the big problem now with this going on. you know, he's just not there. >> reporter: and there is a growing push from outside the league for the man dubbed the most powerful in sports just 18 months ago to step down from his
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throne. >> he bears tremendous responsibility because now metaphorically it's like he's been hit. he's been hit and the credibility of the league has been hit. >> reporter: public relations and legal hits that keep coming. in a league that now three weeks into its season is still dazed and staggering. jay gray, nbc 10 news. >> and as pressure mounts for advertisers to cut ties with the nfl, this afternoon campbell's ceo denise morrison released the following statement. "domestic violence is abhorrent. we are watching developments closely and look forward to the finings of an independent investigation under way. upon completion of the investigation, we expect the nfl to take appropriate action. we have shared our views with the nfl." "nbc nightly news" will have the very latest on the scandal surrounding the nfl at 6:30 right after "nbc 10 news at 6." nbc 10 news is following breaking news now.
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sources confirm for us with nbc 10's george spencer that two people are now in custody for attacking a woman in camden. yesterday we told you about the attack that left a 54-year-old woman in critical condition. investigators believe the assault happened somewhere near this stretch of mt. ephraim avenue either late monday night or early tuesday morning. sources confirming to nbc 10's george spencer two people now under arrest for that attack of the woman critically injured. the malaysian government gives an update on the search for answers in the losses of two malaysian airlines planes. flight mh-370 which vanished and flight mh-17 which was shot down over eastern ukrainian territory held by pro-russian rebels. malays malaysia's defense minister announced he will hold further talks with china regarding the ongoing search for flight mh-370 in the southern indian ocean. the defense minister also said he would continue to work closely with australia and the netherlands in order to reenter the crash site for flight mh-17
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before the start of winter in hopes of determining who's responsible. occupy wall street activists are now suing an ex-member over the organization's twitter account. they filed a lawsuit in the new york courtroom claiming that the former member hijacked the account and locked everyone else out. the account was created in 2011, and has 177,000 followers. "the new york times" reports justin weeds changed the password in august and didn't change it. occupy members are losing a chance to speak to the twitter audience that they worked so hard to cultivate. there's disappointing new census data about our area. for one thing, it turns out workers here earn less than in other big cities. that data shows people philly without health insurance covers at about 10 pk. higher than boston and pittsburgh. about 14% live below the poverty level. more than nine other big cities. yearly household income is about $60,000, lower than baltimore, washington, d.c., and
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minneapolis. let's talk about your health now. chester county treating its first case of a respiratory virus, quite frankly, hitting children hard. union ford chadsville school district says a child has the illness and is not back to school. comes one day after we learned new jersey also has its first case. that child was treated at a children's hospital in philadelphia along with three kids from pennsylvania. we're still a few days away from learning the results of a lab test of a suspected case in delaware. now, this particular strain is called the enterovirus d-68. it's uncommon in the united states. infants, children, and teenagers are more likely to become infected. it spreads when someone sneezes or touching something with the virus on it. symptoms include wheezing and breathing trouble, and there is nov no vaccine currently. we posted more about the virus on we have details from the cdc on how the virus was discovered and how you can protect yourself. air lifts are still under
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way in mexico as tourists stranded by hurricane odile try to get out of the region. authorities say they've flown 5,000 tourists out of the area. officials estimate 30,000 travelers were left stranded when odile made landfall in los cabo as a category 3 storm. another hurricane could be on the way. part of mexico could get a brush from hurricane polo on sunday. looting continues to be a problem. police are stepping up patrols in cabo san lucas, where looters picked store shelves clean. many were seen leaving with cart loads of food from local supermarkets. hundreds of thousands are still without power and water. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a nice day today. temperatures stayed on a comfortable side. especially with that lower humidity. still in place. as we go into tonight, those temperatures will drop down once again. more cool nights in store for us. maybe not as cool as some areas
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last night, but the cooler temperatures even continue tomorrow. we'll be a little bit cooler than today. and then as we go into the weekend, we're going to have a bit of a warmup just in time for the eagles game on sunday. we're going to be back into the 8 80s for part of the weekend. it's the last full weekend of summer. if you want that or not. fall starts as we go into monday night, believe it or not. here's a live look at center city from the adventure aquarium. clearing conditions compared to the clouds we had earlier today. 72 degrees in philadelphia. humidity is right around 53%. but it really feels comfortable outside. a bit of a breeze out there. temperatures north and west have seen a little more sunshine. so we're in about the mid 70s through the lehigh valley. allentown, 75. also reading coming in at 75 degrees. northeast philly, mid 70s. south jersey, delaware, temperatures there, etchven alo the shore around 70 degrees with a little more cloud cover. on the satellite, see clearing conditions north and west. more cloud cover through south jersey and delaware. and in parts of delaware, this
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is where we have some thicker cloud cover. possibly a few sprinkles. nothing heavy. we don't expect anything heavy as we go into tonight. future weather, pretty much tries to clear the clouds up as we go through tonight. then tomorrow, we'll have a little more in the way of cloud cover. temperatures a little bit cooler than today. starting off the weekend, a mix of sun and clouds, but we do stay dry as we go into saturday. then by sunday, notice rain to our north and west. we'll have one system approaching. this is sunday at noon. most of your sunday will stay dry and does look like the eagles game should stay dry, too. it wouldn't be until late sunday when we start to see a few showers. so by 1:00 p.m. on sunday, around 80 degrees. warmer for the eagles game. by 4:00 p.m. sunday afternoon, temperatures will be in just about the mid 80s for the last official weekend of summer. actually feeling a little more like summer. for tonight, though, clearing skies. cool temperatures. again, mid 50s, philadelphia. 46 degrees areas north and west. so another cool night tonight. tomorrow, we'll be seeing a mix of sun and clouds, but the high temperatures will be around 70
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degrees. some areas only in the upper 60s. little bit cooler than today. then as we go into saturday, for the temple game, looks pretty good. 77 degrees for the high temperature. but then we really warm up as we go into sunday. mid 80s. monday, we start fall. it will feel like fall. windy, cool, mid 70s. going into tuesday. and most of the rest of next week. we pretty much stay dry with temperatures in about the mid to low 70s. >> i'm focused on the 84. i love that. all right, sheena. a western pennsylvania man is accused of calling 911 with fake emergencies because he was lonely. and wanted paramedics to show up. the pittsburgh tribune review" says gregory schaffer was jailed following his arraignment yesterday on charges of filing false reports. penn township police say schaffer called westmoreland county's 911 center three times on july 30th. the first time he claimed he'd fallen down some stairs. when paramedics arrived, he was waiting for them. authorities say he was intoxicated but not hurt. stuck in the dark.
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hundreds of thousands of people were without power for days after last winter's ice storm. tough to think about. plans are already in the works to prevent outages like that from happening again. what pico and a local town are doing to prepare for mother nature's worst. flu season isn't far way. the big question is, are you prepared to battle the bug? we have new information now about how many people across the tri-state area have gotten their flu shots.
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a developing story in philadelphia. you're looking live now at concerned community members are hoping an informational picket outside central high school. this is outside the logan school where roughly 200 people have gathered. by the way, it's back to school night in the central communities, apparently using the occasion to protest the second year of drastic budget cuts in philly in education. last winter's ice storm and series of days-long power outages this past year has prompted a public meeting scheduled for tonight in bucks county. the pico representatives will discuss upgrading the power grid which can lower the number and duration of outages in the county. local lawmakers are urging area residents to attend the 7:00 p.m. meeting which is at penn wood middle school in lower makefield township. >> what we want to do is shorten the amount of time that our customers are without power. we can't prevent those types of
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things that mother nature throws at us. >> ice and wind storms have caused five major power outages in bucks county in the past three years. in chester county, officials hope 188 generators will keep the roads safe during power losses. lts generators will be used at the busiest intersections in the county as backup power to traffic signals that go dark when storms cut the electricity. officials say even after debris is cleared, the danger isn't over until red light signals are back on. from the outside it looks rather unassuming. police say there were all kinds of sinister secrets. >> authorities say this house is linked to a huge prostitution ring they busted across new jersey. >> see people going in and out. dropped off, like, all time of day. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. how two murder cases are also connected. also ahead, meredith vieira, one-on-one. the former "today" show co-host sits down with jacqueline london to talk about her brand new afternoon show that's taking place right here on nbc 10. you won't want to miss it.
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pointing them, and, you know, humiliating him in front of other people, in front of their teammates. >> new on "nbc 10 news at 6," the mother says a coach's abuse made her daughter quit the college basketball team. she says she complained to the school last year. tonight, we're asking the university why it took this long to launch an investigation.
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authorities say all kinds of illegal activities were happening inside this small white house in cumberland county. police and federal agents say it was part of a statewide prostitution ring and that's not all. >> the bust is now also tied to a pair of more sinister crimes. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg has been following this story all day. he's live right now in bridgeton and joins us with more. ted? >> reporter: well, jackie and keith, we have learned two recent murder cases are also part of the picture in this very large case. people who live around here tell me that what happened in this house was no secret. could you tell what was going on? >> ray charles could tell you what was going on. >> reporter: everyone we talked with on henry street in bridgeton seemed well aware of the prostitution business that authorities say was operating out of this house. >> one time they had guys lined
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up from the back of the house all the way out here on this street. >> reporter: investigators say the home served as a brothel connected to a large prostitution and human trafficking ring employing undocumented women across new jersey. today, federal authority arrested a married couple and accused them of running the business. which allegedly had brothels in their hometown of new brunswick, as well as bridgeton, trenton, lakewood, asbury park, and orange. at least eight in all. >> crazy. it's been going on for a while, though. >> reporter: we've also learned the unsolved killings of two men in bridgeton last month are part of the wider investigation. police tell us a shooting on bank street and a stabbing on pearl street are tied to a pair of local brothels linked to the federal probe. but they won't elaborate. >> we believe that the house on pearl street was also a functioning brothel at the time. you know, we're looking for evidence. witnesses to support all that. >> reporter: the feds say they've been investigating the alleged ringleaders, juan frady
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hernandez, and his wife, elizabeth rojas rojas since at least 2012. bridgeton police told us they found this house was serving as a brothing wh inel when they ran june and again during a second search in august. >> i'm glad they caught them. i've got kids, i've got sons. i don't want them seeing it. i don't want them being involved. >> reporter: now, we're told similar unsolved murders are being investigated in mercer county as well. and members of the bridgeton police department were in mercer county when a search went down there today. live in bridgeton, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. here are some of the other stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 5:30." a woman working inside a south philadelphia temp agency is in critical condition. she was stabbed and her purse stolen by a man who came in looking for a job. when he was told there was no work available her, got angry and stabbed the 53-year-old victim. the search continues to find her
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attacker. a philadelphia city councilman is now asking the feds to investigate the beating of a gay couple in center city as a hate crime. a bucks county catholic school coach seen in this surveillance video has already resigned because of this incident. police continue to question several people but still haven't charged anyone. and the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper is now on the fbi's most wanted list. authorities say putting him on that list will allow the fbi to use more resources in the manhunt. fwr frein is accused of killing corporal bryon dickson, his funeral was held earlier today. congress is expected to approve a force of moderate syrians to fight isis. >> there's more worry about what might happen if the extremist group isn't stopped after arrests today in australia. steve handelsman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: an isis suspect far from iraq and syria. this was sydney, australia.
5:33 pm
police are holding six people, who the prime minister charges got orders from a senior isis leader to behead random australians. >> to conduct demonstration killings here in this country. >> reporter: the u.s. faces that danger, say federal officials. >> that americans will take u.s. passports after fighting with isis, after training with isis to come back and commit unspeakable acts of terror here at home. >> reporter: to fight isis, the senate is set to follow the house and okay training and arming moderate syrian rebels. >> so there are moderates. if we train and equip them, they can be effective. >> part of the president's determination that is would not be in the national security interest of the united states to put american boots on the ground in syria in a combat role. >> reporter: but some see another iraq war that could end in chaos. >> intervention is not always the answer, and often leads to unintended consequences. >> my fear, i think the fear of the american people is, we've all heard this before.
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we've all lived through this already. >> so what's the alternative? do nothing? >> but this is not iraq. it's a totally different thing. >> reporter: near baghdad today, the iraqi army cleared roads and set out to take territory back from isis. the australians sent military advisers to help, and the french formally announced they will bomb isis in iraq. >> the white house and state department rushed to praise the french, but so far, not one arab nation except iraq has publicly pledged to bomb or send troops. from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. back here at home, nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news. sources confirm to nbc 10's george spencer that two people are now in custody for attacking a woman in camden. yesterday we told you about this. that attack of a 54-year-old woman who's now in critical condition. investigators believe the assault happened somewhere near this stretch of mt. ephraim avenue late monday night or early tuesday morning.
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berks county police say they've busted up a marijuana-growing operation. dang hi le and cho le were arrested after a traffic stop in richmond township. police say they found more than 500 marijuana cutting plants in their vehicle. the investigation, though, led police to a home on dear run road, discovered it inside, and confiscated the marijuana. police hope video can help them catch a man who robbed a cash-checking store in juniata park. it happened at don's check cashing on east hunting park avenue. investigators think surveillance cameras spotted a suspect on the sidewalk in the neighborhood. if you recognize the man, call police. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> all right. fall is just around the corner, and there's just one more cool down before the season and the weather changes once again. >> nbc 10 first alert
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meteorologist sheena parveen has the details for us. sheena? >> yes, we're going to have another cool down tonight. then we have a warmup for the weekend and this is going to be the last full weekend of summer, and then fall starts monday, believe it or not. it's 72 right now in philadelphia. very comfortable for this time of the evening. 75 northeast philly. areas north and west, the lehigh valley in about the mid 70s. knave se they've seen a little more sunshine. we're continuing to see the clearing through the area. south jersey and delaware, temperatures coming in around 70 degrees all the way to the shore. so everyone's feeling the comfortable temperatures. but the cloud cover is still mainly in south jersey and delaware. so we'll continue watching as this clears out tonight. and those temperatures will keep on dropping off, too, as the clouds clear. so by 8:00 p.m. tonight, nice, temperatures in the upper 60s. 10:00 tonight, the mid 60s. we will get cool again as we go through this evening, bu it's all ahead of a warmup as we go into the weekend. so coming up, i'll show you how warm temperatures will be by the end of the weekend, and it's all ahead of our official start for
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fall. that's straight ahead. flu season is just around the corner. time to think about that. and it is important to remember the bug can be deadly. that's why today the push is on to get people vaccinated. what one local doctor did to show how important the shot is, and just how many people in our area have already gotten theirs. and meredith on meredith. i sat down with nbc's newest daytime talk show host, meredith vieira. hear how she made the set literally feel like home. what she says about walking away from the "today" show and what made her cry on that very first day of taping. but first, what's coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 6." >> new at 6:00, repairs coming to the walt whitman bridge. nbc 10 looks into when crews will be out there and whether it will impact traffic. new jersey lawmakers working to stop rising cost of college. what they're doing to keep classes affordable. count on "nbc 10 news at 6."
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now a developing story. authorities in california have arrested a man on suspicion of arson. they believe he set a wildfire that's driven thousands of people from their homes. the fire burning in eldorado
5:40 pm
county, northeast of sacramento, has now skovrncorched 111 squar miles, up from 44 square miles yesterday. the fire has turned to the northwest triggering the evacuation of two more towns. it more than doubled in size overnight and officials say all bets are off. >> very aggressive, all summer with fighting fire. we're seeing the fires that escape sh escape that initial attack, they're burning at explosive rates. >> to give you a perspective, the fire is bigger than manhattan. the man accused of setting it, wayne huntsman, held tonight on $10 million bail. from our delaware bureau, a murder suspect has been on the run for 13 years is now being bars tonight. ignatio constantineo was arrested yesterday. he was wanted for a murder in tennessee in 2001. federal agents say he's been lives under an assumed name. new castle county police are on the hunt for this guy. authorities say he stabbed a man during a robbery at the coachman's manor apartment complex in june. the victim was taken to
5:41 pm
christiana hospital where he later saw the suspect. if you know who he is, police want to hear from you. and brand new on nbc 10, a longtime favorite broadcaster. we're talking, of course, about meredith vieiw y vieira, back o with a brand new daytime talk show, and jacqueline sat down with her to learn all about the new program. sheena? well, another cool night tonight before a weekend warmup. then fall officially starts. it's right around the corner. i'll show you the details on the warm temperatures, straight ahead. and all new on "nbc 10 news at 6," are you tired of phone calls interrupting you? the new way some local lawmakers are cracking down on telemarketers.
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a federal judge scheduled a hearing to decide whether a defamation lawsuit brought by former penn state president graham spanier should be heard in center county or in federal court. that hearing will happen on november 14th. spanier's attorneys say that former fbi director louie free defamed their client. criticized the handling of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal he prepared for penn state. he and his law firm don't have ties to pennsylvania. sandusky was an assistant football coach at penn state. he was convicted of sexual abusing young boys and is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence. we want to tell you about a bad break for the u.s. women's national basketball team. one of their top prospects from our area is out at least for now. elena deladona has withdrawn,
5:45 pm
rather, from activities with the team because of a back injury. half a dozen years ago, she gave up a basketball scholarship to top rated uconn to play for the university of delaware. she said it was because she wanted to be near her sister who has cerebral palsy, why she stayed. two other top players have also left the national team due to injury. from the "today" show, "who wants to be a millionaire" to "the view" meredith vieira has done it all. she hasn't had her own talk show until now. i sat down with the new talk show host on her very comfortable set in new york city. studio 6a in rockefeller plaza, now home to meredith vieira's own talk show, literally home. >> decided to at least make the set reflect my family room. and so we brought in one of the real chairs from my family room that the cats and the dog have destroyed. >> so many people -- >> i want people to feel a lot better about their furniture.
5:46 pm
oh, god, she lives with this? >> it's almost symbolic because it's a little worn. older but loved. and that's kind of me. >> reporter: much loved and seasoned with vast experience that proves she can do just about anything. >> i'm a storyteller. that's what i love to do more than anything. i love games. i love that. i love helping people. so that had to be an element in the show. ♪ and i'm kind of a kook, so i want humor. >> how was the very first show that you taped here? i can't imagine the anxiety, the nerves, the pressure. >> it was all of those. it really was. and, but, you know, i haven't connected with an audience in a while, and when i came out and saw all these people who were here because they like me, i started crying. i really did. >> people have always responded so well to you. how hard was it to walk away from the "today" show and what made you want to get back into
5:47 pm
the game? >> that entire year, knowing i was going to leave, i started to look at things a little differently. oh i'm going to miss this. oh, how many more times will i get to sit next to matt and have these conversations? and i did have a little bit of a pause toward the end, am i doing the right thing? i knew i was. >> reporter: after walking away, it didn't take long for her to discover she had more to give. >> the more i realized that i wasn't done. i wasn't done with daytime. and then this just sort of happened. >> now, meredith said she's nervous by nature but having a studio that is like home makes that transition a whole lot easier. catch the meredith vieira show every weekday at 1:00 p.m. right here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, another nice day today. we had some clouds around the area, but mostly conditions were pretty nice considering temperatures in about the mid to low 70s. we still do have the cool nights in store.
5:48 pm
tonight will be another cool night and the cool nights continue, but we do actually warm up a little bit. tomorrow during the day, we're going to be a little cooler, too, in some spots. upper 60s. into the weekend, we have a warmup in the forecast in time for the eagles game sunday and the last full weekend of summer temperatures will be in the 80s at least one day. here's a live look outside right now from the comcast center in philadelphia looking down on liberty 1 and 2. nice conditions. the clouds clearing up. temperatures really starting to warm up in some spots because of more sunshine, but now we'll start to see those numbers drop off. through the lehigh valley, mid 70s. 75, allentown and reading. 72, philadelphia. 75 still northeast philly. south jersey, delaware, around 70 degrees. 70, dover. 71 in millville. there could be a few sprinkles through parts of delaware, mainly sussex county. that's where we have a little more cloud cover. also south jersey. but the cloud cover is slowly pushing to the south and we'll continue to see clearing as we go through tonight. so future weather for tonight, basically does that.
5:49 pm
it clears us out. as we go into friday, by the afternoon, a little more in the way of cloud cover. slightly cooler temperatures. then we start off the weekend a little warmer. so by saturday afternoon, we are going to stay dry. temperatures will warm up a bit. we'll have a little more in the way of a mix of clouds and sun. going into sunday, we warm up even more. it's all ahead of this line of rain. so we'll have a cold front start to approach the area sunday. this is sunday at noon. the rain should be pretty far off to our west and northwest. so, for the eagles sunday, it does look like most of the game at least should get in without rain. now, as far as saturday is concerned for the temple game, by 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon, 72 degrees. mix of sun and clouds. by 4:00 p.m., temperature around 77 degrees. so we're warming up a bit. as we go into sunday for the eagles game, we warm up even more. by 1:00 p.m., around 80 degrees. mix of sun and clouds. by 4:00 p.m., mid 80s. that will be a warm end to the weekend and a warm end to the last weekend of summer. then we cool down again. temperatures tonight, though, will be in the mid 50s in philadelphia. mid 40s north and west.
5:50 pm
clearing skies. cool once again. even tomorrow during the day. some areas may only be in the upper 60s. that will mostly be areas north and west of philadelphia. then into the low 70s elsewhere. mix of sun and clouds through the day tomorrow. going into the weekend, it does look pretty good. the only chance of rain would be late sunday into early monday possibly. but take a look at monday. that is the first official start of fall. not until monday night. it will be windy and cool, mid 70s going into tuesday. wednesday, even thursday. temperatures stay in the mid to low 70s. so certainly feeling like fall. as we go into next week. and with fall comes winter and then flu season, unfortunately. and as we near flu season, doctors have an important message to share. >> it's very simple. get your flu shot now. but according to new information, not that many people in the tri-state area are listening. plus, a recent college graduate murdered. her body stuffed in a duffel bag. all new at 6:00, how the murder suspect insulted the victim's family once he appeared in court. the usual?
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
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all right. you can vote for the high school blitz game of the week for next friday september 26th. here are the choices. haddonfield and collingswood. west chester henderson, unionville. go to or our facebook page to vote. also call or text your one-time
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vote to 610-624-4111. the game with the most votes is featured on the "high school blitz" every saturday night at 7:00 on nbc 10. the flu season typically starts next month but experts now say today is the time to roll up your sleeves and get vaccinated. nbc 10 national correspondent eric edwards tells us why. >> reporter: it's a sure sign. flu season is looming. 150 million doses of the flu vaccine are expected to be available this season. minus this one. >> hardly felt a thing. >> reporter: the head for the centers of disease control got his flu shot in washington, d.c., on thursday. >> the best way you can protect yourself against flu is to get a flu vaccination this year and now is the time to start getting one. >> reporter: flu season can start in october, but it takes two weeks after you get vaccinated to be protected. new this year, the cdc recommends most healthy did between the ages of 2 and 8 get the nasal spray vaccine. there's evidence it may be more effective than the shot for that
5:55 pm
age group. but despite their grimaces, the shot works, too. about 100 children died last year of the flu. the vast majority had not been vaccinated. >> over 40% of the children who died last year of influenza were completely healthy. they had no underlying illnesses. >> reporter: pregnant women are also encouraged to get the flu vaccine. the virus can lead to severe problems like pre-term delivery and there's another benefit. >> their protection passes across the placenta and protects that newborn infant during the first six months of life. >> reporter: public health experts now say senior citizens should get a second type of a vaccine that protects against pneumonia, a severe complication of the flu. the flu vaccine does not offer 100% protection, but experts say it's best shot we have against a nasty virus that's sure to be here before we know it. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. with the flu season just around the corner, it turns out people aren't rushing to get
5:56 pm
vaccinated in our area. between january and may, about 46% of those eligible for the flu vaccine in pennsylvania and new jersey got protected. the number is a bit higher in delaware at 50%. those percentages are about the same as last year but they're totals a local vaccine expert finds frustrating. >> every year there are tens of thousands of people who suffer from and occasionally die from influen influenza. that includes children. every year, 75 to 150 children die from influenza. most of these children, virtually all of the children are unimmunized. we can prevent those deaths. >> to help make his point, he let the camera roll as he got his own flu shot today. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6," hole bigger than a foot discovered in the walt whitman bridge. how they're going to be fixed and how much the repairs are going to cost. well, our fall temperatures are going to feel more like summer, and i'm also tracking our best chance for rain.
5:57 pm
details are ahead in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. and right now, we are following breaking news. just a matter of minutes, police are set to have a news conference on the beating of a homeless woman in camden. it's all coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6."
5:58 pm
two people are right now in custody for the brutal attack on a homeless woman in camden.
5:59 pm
sources confirm those working details with nbc 10's george spencer. yesterday, nbc 10 told you about the attack that left a 54-year-old woman in critical condition. investigators believe she was assaulted near this stretch of mt. ephraim avenue late monday night into early tuesday morning. >> those who would attack a pennsylvania state police barracks would give no pause in harming any citizen. >> our other top story right now at 6:00, he's now one of the fbi's most wanted. he's accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers. we're learning new details about his criminal past. ten years ago on september 1 11th, eric frein stole world war ii memorabilia from a re-enactment in new york state. he pleaded guilty to that crime. in the last few moments, we learned investigators shut down an area near his parents' home. tonight the fbi is offering a $100,000 reward for his capture. police say they believe he is still in the rural part of pennsylvania where he ambushed
6:00 pm
those officers. meanwhile, corporal bryon dickson was laid to rest today. nbc 10's doug shimell is in pike county where the search for a killer is intensifying. >> reporter: $100,000 has now been added to the reward money by the fbi bringing the total to $175,000. >> eric matthew frein added to the fbi's ten most wanted fugitive list. >> reporter: with the fbi formally in the hunt, investigators believe eric frein is running out of options. >> we now have made the world where he could hide a very, very small place. >> we're systemically taking away any opportunities for him for cover and concealment, for any comfort in terms of cabins, campsites, those kinds of things. >> reporter: police say they believe the survivalist sharpshooter is still in the pike county area after ambushing and killing pennsylvania police state corporal bryon dickson